Before the diet to affect morpheus

What you eat or drink in the hours and minutes before bed may make the difference between a restful slumber and a fitful night of tossing and turning.
1. Eating too much or too little can disrupt sleep. A light snack at bedtime can promote sleep, but too much food can cause digestive discomfort that leads to wakefulness.
2. Alcohol is a double edged sword. Small amounts of alcohol can help you to fall asleep. But as the body metabolises the alcohol, sleep may become fragmented. Alcohol can dehydrate you, leaving you tired the next day.

Study: the dream that can enhance memory?

People who enjoy a dream-filled sleep are significantly better at recalling information and making links between facts when they wake, scientists found.

  But recharging with a shallow nap offers no such mental boost, the research suggests.
  The results of the study add to the growing body of evidence that Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is crucial to the brain’s ability to lay down and consolidate memories.
 An average night’s repose includes four or five spells of REM sleep, but these bursts tend to be lengthier towards the end of the night.

Life is the greatest teacher

By Abubakar Jamil
As I look across the horizon at the faces of the young people around me, I weep. A once proud part of the human race, the younger generation has been described as lazy, overemotional, and disrespectful.
I myself used to have all three of these characteristics. Not when I was an adventure-seeking, rambunctious toddler, but as an older high school teenager.
It was at this stage that my foolish rascal tendencies were at their highest. I would constantly complain, care for my friends more than my family, and in general would just talk all the time.
Then came a moment when I wondered where I would end up. Would I remain on track to becoming a doctor like my parents wanted? Am I just going to keep acting like a child for the rest of my life?
This moment would serve as the spark that set in motion a process of learning life lesson, 
molding me into the person you're reading through your computer screen.

Since then, I've learned a great many things, but these are the lessons that I wished I'd stumbled upon earlier:
1. Everyone's opinion matters only as much as you want them to.
There was a time when everyone's opinion was mine as well. Whatever preferences I formerly held were dashed in the face of another's. This most likely came from a need to please others.
Remember that your opinion matters just as much as the next guy's, whether they make more money than you or are less popular than you. Everyone's opinion holds the same weight.
2. Your emotions are under your control.
Drama, chaos, and emotional unrest — these were what took up most of my time as a teenager. When everyone's obsessed with what's in and what's not, tempers flare; mine mostly.
If I had heard someone said rotten things behind my back, I'd erupt. Go crazy. Looking back on those tantrums now, I'm not too surprised. After all, when you have little self control, anything is possible.
The lessons here is, remain aware of how you react.
3. Arguments are pointless.
Will one small quarrel among friends decide the fate of the entire universe? In my world it felt like it. I just wanted so much to be right and for them so much to be wrong. But in the end, it only resulted in me wasting my time and in the other person storming off in frustration.
Is there really a point to arguing? Unless it's absolutely necessary, I've learned that it's better to hold your breath on things you can't control at all.
Arguing to change someone's mind is one of them.

South African million girls in public accept virgin testing Photos circulating

 Any event featuring Jacob Zuma, virginity tests and more than 25,000 bare-breasted maidens dancing for a polygamous king is unlikely to pass entirely without incident. And so it proved with this year's Zulu reed dance in South Africa。
  Girls participating in the annual uMkhosi WoMhlanga are required to have their genitalia inspected to certify they are virgins. The centuries-old practice has been condemned by gender rights groups but defended by Zulus as means of combating teenage pregnancy and HIV。
  Zuma and King Goodwill Zwelithini, who has five wives, were among guests at the ceremony in Nongoma, KwaZulu-Natal Province, last weekend。
Zwelithini, 62, condemned "rogue" virginity testers and expressed dismay at seeing pictures of the tests turn up on the internet, South Africa's Mercury newspaper reported. "I was shocked when I received these pictures on my website," the Zulu monarch was quoted as saying. “I have no doubt these pictures are going to be used to attack this solemn culture of ours. This is a very important tradition and culture and needs to be conducted with dignity and respect without abusing and violating the dignity and privacy of the maidens."
The Mercury said there were fears that the event, in which thousands of mostly adolescent girls parade bare-breasted wearing traditional beaded skirts, had become a target for pornography syndicates。

Kai-fu lee gave her daughter's letter: how do you spent your career

Dear Daughter:

As we drove off from Columbia, I wanted to write a letter to you to tell you all that is on my mind.
First, I want to tell you how proud we are. Getting into Columbia is a real testament of what a great well-rounded student you are. Your academic, artistic, and social skills have truly blossomed in the last few years. Whether it is getting the highest grade in Calculus, completing your elegant fashion design, successfully selling your painted running shoes, or becoming one of the top orators in Model United Nations, you have become a talented and accomplished young woman. You should be as proud of yourself as we are.

I will always remember the first moment I held you in my arms. I felt a tingling sensation that directly touched my heart. It was an intoxicating feeling I will always have. It must be that "father-daughter connection" which will bind us for life. I will always remember singing you lullaby while I rocked you to sleep. When I put you down, it was always with both relief (she finally fell asleep!) and regret (wishing I could hold you longer). And I will always remember taking you to the playground, and watching you having so much fun. You were so cute and adorable, and that is why everybody loved you so.
You have been a great kid ever since you were born, always quiet, empathetic, attentive, and well-mannered. You were three when we built our house. I remember you quietly followed us every weekend for more than ten hours a day to get building supplies. You put up with that boring period without a fuss, happily ate hamburgers every meal in the car, sang with Barney until you fell asleep. When you went to Sunday Chinese school, you studied hard even though it was no fun for you. I cannot believe how lucky we are as parents to have a daughter like you.
You have been an excellent elder sister. Even though you two had your share of fights, the last few years you have become best friends. Your sister loves you so much, and she loves to make you laugh. She looks up to you, and sees you as her role model. As you saw when we departed, she misses you so much. And I know that you miss her just as much. There is nothing like family, and other than your parents, your sister is the one person who you can trust and confide in. She will be the one to take care of you, and the one you must take care of. There is nothing we wish more than that your sisterhood will continue to bond as you grow older, and that you will take care of each other throughout your lives. For the next four years, do have a short video chat with her every few days, and do email her when you have a chance.


Interview: "Peace Mission 2010" -- Strategic action fighting terrorism

MATYBULAK RANGE, Kazakhstan, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) -- Ma Xiaotian, chief commander of the 1,000 Chinese troops taking part in the "Peace Mission 2010" in south Kazakhstan said Thursday that the ongoing military exercise of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is purely a strategic action against terrorism.
"Peace Mission 2010" involves 5,000 troops from five of the six SCO member states -- China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan -- from Sept. 9 to 25. Uzbekistan is not taking part.
The ongoing exericse never targets or constitutes a threat to any country, Ma emphasized.
Ma, who is also deputy chief of the People's Liberation Army General Staff, said China's purpose in taking part in the military drills was the same as the previous six military exercises launched under the SCO framework.
"We aim to put in place a common understanding among SCO member states to further strengthen cooperation in various aspects, including national defense cooperation, maintaining regional security, peace and stability, and to show the resolution, willingness and capability of the SCO member states to fight the three evil forces of extremism, separatism and terrorism," Ma said.
Ma said the Chinese weaponry used in the exercises were all new and by and large represented the latest development of Chinese troops' equipment.
Ma said China had three goals in using the new equipment.
Firstly, it showed China attached high importance to this joint exercise and defense cooperation among SCO member states, he said.
Secondly, it indicated Chinese troops' determination, will and capability to strike terrorism.
And thirdly, it promoted military transparency, Ma said.
According to the Chinese general, the Chinese air troops were assembled home in Chinese territory and took part in the exercises by long-distance projection, which was the first time in the history of Chinese air forces.
By contacting the troops of the other countries in the exercises, Chinese troops had also learned a lot of good practices and experiences, Ma said.
Ma said the massive joint drill had unfolded successfully at present.
He said the troops had staged two joint training sessions with cooperation of command personnel and troops of all sides.
"The process of cooperation is also a process of mutual learning and understanding. It has become more smooth and much better," Ma said, "The next step is to switch to live firing and nighttime exercises once the conditions allow."
Ma highly appreciated the efforts made by the Kazakh side to ensure the success of the anti-terror exercises.
He said that Kazakhstan, as the host country, had made full preparations and arrangements for the drills in various aspects, including overall planning, force delivery, preparations for the drilling grounds, the designs of military field camps, and logistics support.
When asked whether the drills were "dominated" by China and Russia, Ma said, before the drills started, all the five participating countries had jointly held four rounds of consultation and participated in the overall planning and designs of the drills.
The principles of equality, consultation and mutual benefit were demonstrated and followed both during pre-drill training and the drills, Ma said.
The common desire and consensus of the SCO member countries were reflected in the drills and requirements from each participating country had been taken into account, he said.
He also noted that the succes of the SCO drills relied on the concerted efforts made by each participating member country.
Joint anti-terror drills of the SCO entered the second phase on Monday at the Matybulak range near the largest Kazakh city of Almaty.

China seriously concerned over EU's investigation of China-made modems: Ministry of Commerce

BEIJING, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) -- China is expressing its concern about the European Union's investigations into Chinese-made wireless wide area networking (WWAN) modems, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) on Thursday.
Yao Jian, the spokesman, made the remarks after the EU said it was conducting an anti-subsidy investigation into the devices.
The EU launched investigations of anti-dumping and supporting measures on the WWAN modems from China on June 30, 2010. It is the first time the EU has made simultaneous triple investigations on a China-made product, Yao said.
The move is unheard of for World Trade Organization members when dealing with trade remedy cases in practice, Yao said. The Chinese public and people working in the industry showed strong dissatisfaction towards the EU's practice.
The WWAN modems are high-tech products that are constantly updated. These Chinese-made modems promote the advances of the technology and created new market fields which benefited the EU consumers, Yao said.
The EU's investigations will disrupt normal trade and hurt the interests of EU consumers, he said.
Yao further stated that the EU's move is also running counter to the deepening China-EU friendship.
He said he hoped the EU could take actions based upon relevant laws and the facts and keep their promise on being opposed to trade protectionism, lest it damages China-EU economic and trade relations and also the EU economy.
China will take corresponding measures within the rules of the World Trade organization in due time, he added.
The investigation is the largest trade remedy investigation case against China, involving a total value of 4.1 billion U.S. dollars in exports.
Wireless modems send or receive data as a radio signal.
The 27-member EU is China's biggest trade partner. China is the EU's second-biggest trade partner and is its biggest source of imports.
China's main exports to Europe are machinery and domestic goods, including clothes and shoes. While the EU's main exports to China include industrial machinery, transport equipment, chemicals and high-end consumer goods.
Concerning the request for consultations from the United States about China's alleged anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on U.S.steel exports and China's policies on the electronic payment market, China has received the request and will resolve the issue based upon WTO rules, said MOC officials.
U.S. trade representative Ron Kirk filed a statement with the WTO Wednesday, claiming China imposes duties on U.S. steel exports and discriminates against suppliers of electronic payment services from the U.S.
China's policies on electronic payment services are consistent with the country's commitment to the WTO and the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on U.S.-made steel are also in line with WTO rules, according to the MOC.
U.S. is China's second largest trade partner.